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bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 CEO Cao Jianglin visited Algeria, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Source: bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 Date: June 23th,2017
Following the national policies of “One Belt One Road” and international production cooperation, and in order to build advantage for the corporation in countries along the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Cao Jianglin, CEO of bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网, did a field investigation in Algeria, Ethiopia and Tanzania. bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 has multiple cooperation projects in these three countries, covering areas of cement, glass and scientific research. New business modes such as bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 SMART and BNBM HOME also landed in these three countries. During the investigation, Mr. Cao attended several signing or opening ceremonies of cement projects, smart industry projects, building material science laboratory and building material supermarket, visited frontline staff, and had talks with the countries’ government officials and enterprises.
During his stay in Algeria, Cao listened to reports of CBMI’s overall development and the implementation of its five cement projects, and the implementation of Beijing Triumph’s cement projects. He inspected CBMI’s 5000 t/d BIS cement project and 6000 t/d BS cement project, had a meeting with the chairman of BISKRA, Laid and attended the cooperation agreement signing ceremony. During the debriefing, Cao acknowledged the work of CBMI and Beijing Triumph, which have successfully expanded the overseas market and established a good reputation in the local market, making substantial contribution to the corporation’s overseas development. On the project sites, He met with the frontline staff and encouraged them to keep up the good work.
In Ethiopia, Cao attended the signing ceremony of the DMC 5000 t/d cement EPC project and signed the MOU on behalf of the corporation. He also attended the opening ceremony of the building material science laboratory co-established by bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 SMART and Addis Ababa University, witnessed the signing of LOI between bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 SMART and Ethiopian Chemical Industry Group, Ethiopian Sugar Group and Dangote Cement Group, attended a customer appreciation event held by bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 SMART, and visited bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 International Ethiopian branch.
During his stay in Tanzania, Cao listened to the work report of the corporation’s Tanzanian branch, visited BNBM’s Tanzanian branch, and attended the opening ceremony of Builder’s Center, the first chain supermarket for building materials in Africa. During the debriefing, Cao listened to the work reports of bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网 Investment Tanzania and BNBM Tanzania, and the project reports of CBMI (Nanjing), CBMI (Jiangsu) and the Geological Exploration Center (Jiangsu team). During his visit in the three countries, Cao also met the Algerian Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdessalem Bouchouareb, Ethiopian Minister of Science and Technology, Ing. Getahun Mekuria, Ethiopian Minister of Industry, Ahmed Abtew, and Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, Lu Qingyou. They had exchanges about infrastructure construction, cooperation opportunities in fields of solar power, water conservancy and wind power, and reached a broad consensus. Cao introduced bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网’s post-merger business operations and projects, and expressed bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网’s willingness to further production cooperation with the host countries. The governmental officials in the host countries also recognized bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网’s contribution to local development, and expressed interest in expanding areas of cooperation with bet365官方网站_bet365手机客户端_亚洲版官网.

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